Standard & Custom Made Valves

Our product application set in many different industrial processes, from the more standardized ones (oil and gas pipelines, low pressure and high pressure block services, etc.) to the most critical ones (sour service, low temperature and cryogenic processes, high temperature and steam treating, sub sea and slurry  service).

High Temperature & High Pressure Power Station Valves

Our supplier is a long established UK check valve manufacturer working in the fields of oil and gas, desalination, water and other process industries. They specialize in the design and production of non-slam nozzle check valves engineered to meet our customers’ requirements. They have made it their mission to supply valves which are manufactured and designed in the UK from top quality UK material to their customers. They have the ability to manufacture bespoke valves from start to finish including casting in their own facility which allows for extremely fast turnaround when required.

Pigging & Pipeline Products

We provides standard pigging, pipeline products and isolation tools, as well tailored solutions using AutoCad Inventor design technology. It also operates a hire fleet of fully certified weld testers, high pressure test plugs, isolation tools, pipeline pigs and auxiliary equipment.

Our pipeline pigging program consist the manufacture of poly foam pigs, decoking pigs, mono-directional pigs fitted with cups (standard scraper or conical) and bi-directional pigs fitted with discs (soft sealing, hard guiding) and custom made pigs starting at size 2″ up to 100″ for poly foam pigs and size 4″ up to 60” for mono / bi-directional pigs.

  • Bi-Directional Pigs
  • Scraper Cup Pigs
  • Conical Cup Pigs
  • Flexible Pigs
  • Dual Module Pigs
  • Hydro Pigs
  • Poly Foam Pigs
  • Decoking Pigs
  • Pipeline Spheres
  • Pig Spare Parts
  • Pipeline Pig Transmitters & Receivers
  • Pipeline Pig Signalers
  • Dual Pipeline Plug
  • High Pressure Pipeline Test Plugs

Engineering and Manufacturing of Mixers

We offers agitators covering all sizes, simple to highly complex and an engineering staff. We pride ourselves on working with our customers – serving their specific needs while addressing their questions, being flexible and paying close attention to comments and concerns.

By utilizing the latest in design technology, extensive laboratory testing and field experience, we work with each of our customers to supply the right mixers for the process.

Expansion Joints

We designs, manufactures and supplies and state-of-the-art Expansion Joints. We are fully committed to a quality management process with quality as a foundation business principle. The core of the process is achieving customer satisfaction by meeting our internal and customer requirements on time.

Metal Expansion Joints

Basic Types

  • Single Unrestrained
  •  Single Tied
  • Hinged
  •  Universal Unrestrained
  • Universal Tied
  • Gimbal
  • Double Hinged
  • Double Gimbal
  • Rectangular

Specific Purposes

  • Pressure Balanced
  • FCCU Expansion Joints
  • Thick Wall
  • Flanged & Flued
  • High Pressure
  • Externally Pressurized
  • Jacketed
  • Clamshell
  • Two-Ply Testable Bellowse Gimbal

Rubber Expansion Joints

  • Standard Moulded
  • Full Face Rubber Flange

Wire Rope, Rigging & Mooring for Heavy, Oil and Gas Industry

We offer the best wire and rigging material for use in industrial factories, for crane manufacturers and operators, local ports and including heavy lifts for offshore fabrication and use.

Now we are a leading specialist supplier for High Carbon Wires, Stainless Steel Wires, Piano Wires and General Purpose Wires. As for the rigging products we are major distributor for Steel Wire Ropes, Stainless Steel Wire Ropes, Chain Slings and Webbing Slings, Body Harness, Hoisting Equipment and many more.

Leading Supplier for Quality Pipes, Flanges, Fittings and Structural Steels from Renowned & Reputable Manufacturers

Over the years, we have been serving clients from the domestic steel industries to their needs of various steel products. Our range of steel products is made of high quality steel which has made us becoming a reliable and renowned steel supplier in this industry. Among the steel products supply by HSF Energy are stainless steel pipes, carbon steel fittings, carbon steel pipes, duplex & stainless steel fittings, duplex pipes, forged fittings, forged flanges, induction bends, structure steel and many more.